Parents as Partners

A new study published by Ohio State University researchers suggests the role fathers play in the nurture of infants is significantly shaped by mothers:

A study of 97 couples found that fathers were more involved in the day-to-day care of their infants when they received active encouragement from their wife or partner. . . . [M]ost theories about maternal gatekeeping have focused on how negative reactions by mothers can keep fathers from getting involved in child care. But this study showed that encouragement by mothers may be just as important, if not more important, in shaping the role of fathers. (Science Daily)

We have intentionally designed tumblon to facilitate parents working as partners. By giving both parents the same access to concise, reliable developmental information, we help parents to avoid the situation where one is the ‘expert’ and the other is ignorant. Likewise, by encouraging both parents to record memories and milestones, we encourage both parents to pay attention to the constant changes in their child. However, most fundamentally, we aim to foster a culture of nurture among parents so that both parents encourage each other in their roles, and together are informed and inspired to partner in parenting. After all, just like our kids, we try harder and have greater satisfaction when someone is encouraging us.

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